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Trivium was the first trivia game available on the App Store. It was later the first iPhone game to support true non-local multiplayer. We continue our rich tradition of releasing ground-breaking software with Trivium 3.0. The newest version of Trivium features a complete rewrite from the ground up to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Challenge yourself against thousands of trivia questions in a selection of difficulties across a multitude of categories. Our fast-paced gaming environment and adaptive question technology will provide a challenge to anyone. Trivium's professionally-designed user interfaces are complimented with an original sound track. With ten different game modes and 8 categories of questions there is something for everyone in this celebrated trivia game.

Full Multiplayer Gaming Experience

Connect with friends and strangers using Bluetooth, WiFi, or Cellular networks.

10,000 Questions

Get additional questions through In-App Purchase in a wide variety of categories.

Five Single Player Modes

Choose from five different single player modes to find the game style that is best for you.

Game Center Integration

Connect with your Game Center friends through multiplayer matches and leader boards.

Automatic Game Saving

Never worry about losing your spot in a game, just exit the app and when you come back pick up where you left off.

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Test your wits against four different skill levels of computer player.

Full Native iPad Support

Our beautifully designed user interface has been ported to the iPad, bringing Trivium to your large screen iOS devices.

Five Multiplayer Modes

Play against your friends across numerous environments from heads-up on the iPad to death match style Bluetooth gaming.

Configurable Interface

Choose from one of our five professional designed game interfaces then customize it to match your taste.

Adaptive Difficulty

Trivium has an assortment of question difficulties & the game will adapt in real time to match your skill level.

Original Score

Professionally composed music just for Trivium adapts to reflect the difficulty of the current question.

Fully Retina

We take advantage of iOS retina displays and have redone all of our graphics to look simply stunning in high definition.


"Really Fun"

"You will find yourself going back to this game whenever you have a spare moment. Five star replay value!"

- 148 Apps

"If you are a fan of trivia then you will love Trivium ... Playing a game of Trivium over the network is absolutely amazing."

- The Unofficial Apple Weblog


"Awesome for a quick game in the bar, at the coffee shop, or after dinner at home with my wife."

-iTunes User RTMFD

"Great Trivia!"

"Get this App! I really enjoyed playing this one."

-iTunes User JediJared


"The questions are great. The music and interface are clever. Your "engine" is awesome. Now keep fueling it with more questions... You are GOLDEN...GOLDEN I SAY!"

-iTunes User Randy Condon

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