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Professional issue tracking made simple


Resolve is a fully featured issue tracking app for the iPhone and iPod touch for interacting with the LighthouseApp web service. After more than a year in active development Resolve is being introduced to the world. Resolve is a fully featured iOS app that makes tracking tickets simpler that it has ever been in the past, from real time notifications to advanced ticket editing Resolve has it all. We have been using Resolve internally for well over a year and we can't imagine life without it anymore. We are sure you will love using Resolve as much as we loved designing and developing it.

Push Notifications

Real time natural language push notifications on ticket updates, our push notifications often beat the email subscriptions sent by the LighthouseApp's servers.

Fully Functionally

Resolve app supports all of the functionality made available through the Lighthouse API, and even a couple of features that are not traditionally available. Considerable effort has been put into making sure everything you want to do you can do.

Custom Ticket States

Full support for custom ticket statuses (entered using LighthouseApp) including custom closed and opened states and even support for custom state badge colors.

Multiple Projects

Support for unlimited projects, domains, and accounts are all included at no additional cost.

Attachment Viewer

View all of your attachments right in the app! Support for common images, source code files, plain text, server logs, movies and even a full zip extractor and viewer.

My Tickets

We know what is important to you, and that is quickly seeing what tickets you need to work on. With Resolve app the tickets tab is defaulted to all of your assigned tickets across all projects, domains and accounts. You can even change the user to see the assigned ticket load for anyone else in your domain.

Built in Browser

A full featured web browser is included for following HTML links found within ticket text, Lighthouse specific links such as ticket references are automatically captured and loaded natively.


Everyone is different, thats why Resolve App supports a variety of sort options to ensure that tickets, milestones and projects appear in the order that make sense for your workflow.

Archived and Public Projects

Full support for both archived and public projects, don't be ham-stringed into a project workflow because you don't have access to a desktop, Resolve lets you directly edit important project settings.


Edit and view tags directly within the app, quick access to toggle on and off commonly used tags specific to your projects.


Milestones are important, and Resolve puts them front and center. Create, edit, and assign milestones from within the app. Quickly see the percentage complete and due dates on milestones as well as the remaining ticket count in a streamlined unobtrusive interface.


Most lighthouse apps don't allow you to set priorities on tickets, Resolve not only allows you to set a priority but allows priority to be part of the initial ticket state.


We take privacy seriously. Your personal information is not stored or even collected by us. When registering for push notifications your information is secured through SSL calls ensuring that even your domain name is considered sensitive information. We will never sell or provide your information to any third parties.

Built in Help

Resolve features a built in help guide (found in settings) to answer all of your questions and provide tips and tricks when and where you need them most.

Indie Software

Dragon Forged Software is a unfunded bootstrapped startup that has been creating Mac and iOS software since 2004. Profits from Resolve will go right back into our in house products to make them even better! Support indie software by using and recommending Resolve.


Full markdown support so tickets appear as you intended them to.
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